Tongling Runlong Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the eastern suburb of Tongling City, Anhui Province, adjacent to the Yangtze River. Nanjing copper wire, Riverside Expressway and riverside Expressway pass through here, and the transportation is very convenient. The company is mainly engaged in the processing and trade of non-metallic minerals. Its products include high-quality iron sulfide, pyrite, pyrite (FeS2) and its fine powder, counterweight ore, high-quality limestone, dolomite, fluorite, light burned magnesium oxide ball and ferrophosphate, etc.

                                  The high-quality pyrite produced by our company is a good additive and slag forming material for special steel smelting (free cutting steel). It is widely used in abrasive tools industry, high-capacity battery industry, brake pad manufacturing industry, glass industry, fine chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries. It is the filler of resin grinding wheel industry. Extremely pure iron sulfide (FeS2) is the cathode material of high-capacity lithium sulfur batteries. Because of its characteristics of adjusting the friction coefficient of materials, it is one of the main raw materials for manufacturing high-quality brake pads. The brown glass industry uses its iron ion properties to change the color of glass. Because of its good reducibility, it is one of the important raw materials in titanium dioxide industry. With the rapid development of new materials and technologies, the value of iron sulfide will be further explored, and its use will be more and more extensive. In addition, the counterweight ore developed by the company is also widely used in the counterweight of lifting equipment (such as industrial and civil elevators), excavators, ship manufacturing, household appliances (such as washing machines) and other industries, and can also be used as a substitute for barite in the oil mining industry.

                                  Management philosophy: Runlong people seize the day, keep pace with the times, and regard the revitalization of national industry as their own responsibility.

                                  Staff team: our company establishes and develops a management team with rich experience in modern enterprise management. The company regularly provides various business training and performance appraisal for employees.

                                  Perfect technology: modern production management technology and perfect supporting equipment are used to ensure that high-quality products are provided on time. Our products are strictly inspected before leaving the workshop, and the complete quality control system provides a good guarantee for the production of excellent products.

                                  Service tenet: customer satisfaction is the primary tenet of our company. All we do is to better serve our customers. Leave your last process to us, and your product will be more perfect. Your success is our success. Let's develop together! Pursue the satisfaction of millions of consumers; Pursue outstanding contributions to social progress; Pursue the rapid and steady development of the enterprise.

                                  Business philosophy: product branding, market internationalization, scientific management and maximization of benefits

                                  Enterprise spirit: development, innovation, realism and dedication

                                  Business style: integrity, efficiency, pragmatism and refinement

                                  Business policy: attach importance to talents, management, technology and technology