Some information about pyrite powder

                                  Some information about pyrite powder is as follows:

                                       (1) Genesis and occurrence: pyrite powder occurs in copper nickel sulfide deposits, silicalite deposits, various hydrothermal deposits and sedimentary rocks formed under anoxic conditions related to basic ultrabasic rocks. It is easy to decompose on the surface and form hydroxide with sulfate such as bauxite and goethite.

                                       (2) Identification characteristics: it is different from chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite (magnetic) by its crystal form, crystal plane stripe, color and hardness.

                                       (3) Main uses: more than 85% of pyrite is used for the manufacture of sulfuric acid, and then refined sulfur. When Au, Ag, CO and Ni are abundant, they can be used comprehensively. As the most common sulfide mineral, its morphology, composition, structure, thermoelectricity and other characteristics have important standard type and mining significance.

                                       (4) Main producing areas: the world famous producing areas are Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the United States and China. China's proven reserves of pyrite resources rank among the top in the world, and the famous producing areas include Guangdong Yingde and Yunfu, Anhui Anshan, Gansu Baiyin, etc. Pyrite is the most widely distributed sulfide in the crust.

                                       (5) Human story: pyrite is also a very cheap ancient gem. In the Victorian era, people liked to decorate this gem with special shape and ornamental value. In addition to polishing gemstones, you can also make the base of gemstones, jades and other handicrafts. In modern life, pyrite is also worn daily as jewelry.

                                       (6) Identification method: 1 The lines on the unglazed white porcelain plate can be detected. The grain of gold mine is golden yellow, and the grain of pyrite is green black. 2. The proportion of natural gold is 15.6-18.3, but pyrite is only 4.9-5.2.

                                  The above is some information about pyrite powder, thank you for reading.