Application of copper remover in electroplating process

                                       Electroplating process management is an important link in electroplating production, which is determined by electroplating workers after tens of millions of repeated experiments and research, so the electroplating process is very scientific. The process is determined by considering not only the deposition speed of the coating, the current efficiency of the cathode, the dissolution of copper remover and the balance of deposition, but also the stability of pH value, the universality of temperature and current density range, as well as the light output speed, leveling performance, brightness range and other aspects. Therefore, we must pay full attention to the various technical parameters specified in the process, and we cannot guarantee that only in this way can a good coating be formed. How to strengthen electroplating process management? The following is your introduction:

                                       Pretreatment electroplating pretreatment is the basis of electroplating quality. The treatment before electroplating is not good, and the coating is not blooming, but also used as bubbles, shelling, and even both waste defective products. Pretreatment before electroplating is mainly to remove oil, scale and rust on electroplating materials. Thus, the good adhesion between the substrate and the coating can be ensured, the deposition speed of the coating can be accelerated, and the plating solution will not be polluted by the oil stain of the plated parts and the foreign metal impurities. If there is a galvanizing manufacturer, great bubbles and burrs are found on the coating after galvanizing, so repeated adjustment of the plating solution cannot solve the problem

                                       If there is a gel like substance on the surface before the workpiece enters the groove. This is because the rubber of the container lining with concentrated sulfuric acid is dissolved and attached to the surface of the workpiece, so it cannot be cleaned. Therefore, it is suggested that the pretreatment must be carried out in accordance with the process regulations to remove oil and rust, and observe the surface state of the workpiece. Electroplating pretreatment includes ultrasonic removal, copper Remover Removal, pickling to remove scale, rust and other processes. The components of the degreasing and derusting fluid should be analyzed regularly and supplied regularly. The alkali tank should be filtered regularly, and the acid tank should be exposed regularly. Keep the oil and rust remover in good condition to ensure the electroplating quality.

                                  The above is the application of copper remover in electroplating process. Thank you for reading.