Synthetic content of high-grade pyrite

                                  The synthesis of high-grade pyrite is introduced as follows:

                                       (1) Oleic acid oleamine double ligand reaction system was developed by green synthesis technology, and high-grade pyrite was successfully prepared with cetyl ammonium trichloride as surfactant. Raman spectroscopy further proved the phase structure of the obtained samples. According to the measurement of absorption spectrum, the band gap is calculated to be about 1.05ev. By optimizing the solvent and additives, spherical nanocrystals with smaller size (30nm) were obtained, the reaction time was shortened by 15 minutes, and the synthesis cost was reduced.

                                       (2) Hydrothermal synthesis process in order to obtain nano crystals with smaller size, a hydrothermal synthesis process for further synthesis of nano crystals has been developed, which can obtain high-grade pyrite in the temperature range of 140-220 ℃, and the obtained samples have high purity and good crystallinity. The effects of reaction time, molar ratio and concentration on nanocrystals were investigated. Through surface treatment, the atmospheric stability of the products was improved, and no oxidation was found in 6 months.

                                       In addition, in order to further realize the morphology controlled synthesis of crystallization, hollow spherical white iron ore can be obtained when ferric nitrate and cysteine are used as raw materials and the solvent is pure water. In addition, with the increase of reaction time, the transition to pyrite phase gradually occurs, and the morphology changes into a short rod structure with a large number of particles piled up. By adding ethanolamine as solvent, cubic, lamellar and two kinds of tetrahedral structures can be obtained.

                                       Preparation of thin films and assembly of solar cells. Using surface treatment technology, high-grade pyrite films were prepared by spin coating method. By dispersing in polystyrene toluene colloid, a film with good uniformity is obtained, but the large thickness and high porosity hinder the absorption of the film and the mutual penetration between layers, reduce the photoelectric response of the battery, and easily cause short circuit.

                                  The above is the introduction of the synthesis of high-grade pyrite. Thank you for reading.