Ferrous sulfide

                                  Ferrous sulfide can be used as a plant growth regulator, known as a new biological irritant. Many people mistakenly believe that ferrous sulfide has no effect and is an unusable product. In fact, ferrous sulfide has comprehensive functions, and crops can be used in the whole process from seed treatment to collection.

                                  Ferrous sulfide can improve the stress resistance of crops, enhance the ability of crops to resist disease, cold, drought, humidity, salt and alkali, and prevent early decline, and reduce the drug damage caused by the wrong application of pesticides and fertilizers. At the same time, ferrous sulfide has no drug resistance, which can protect flowers and fruits for farmers, and the yield increase effect is significant.


                                  The use of ferrous sulfide in the growth of vegetables is particularly obvious, and the growth performance is significantly better than that of crops without ferrous sulfide on both sides. Crops using ferrous sulfide are much higher than those without ferrous sulfide in width, height, thickness and density.

                                  The above is the introduction of the role of ferrous sulfide in plant growth. For more information, please click our official website. Thank you for reading.