Sulfur enhancer

                                  The sulfur increasing agent is ferrous sulfide, which is the main component of pyrite and has diamagnetism. The sulfur content is 36%, which is black brown hexagonal crystal, with sparse structure and difficult to dissolve in water, but it can be decomposed in hot water, with a density of 4.84g/cm, a melting point of 1195 ℃. The ignition point of the sulfur enhancer is low, and it usually starts spontaneous combustion above 50 ℃. Dissolved in acid, it will oxidize in humid air and release a lot of heat.

                                  The hazard analysis of sulfur enhancer in oil storage is as follows: 1. Hydrogen sulfide gas contained in oil and gas corrodes iron equipment to produce sulfur enhancer. 2. Sulfur and iron react directly to form this substance. 3. Hydrogen sulfide contained in oil and gas reacts with rust (iron sulfide) to form this substance.

                                  Measures to prevent the harm of sulfur enhancers: 1. In the combined plant and various systems, sulfur resistant materials must be used for the process lines and equipment in the parts with high concentration of sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide in the process medium. 2. Passivate the sulfur increasing agent reaction. Check the storage, process isolation and nitrogen protection of solid waste plots.

                                  The above is the basic information of sulfur enhancer. Thank you for reading.