Pyrite often appears in the form of symbiosis with other minerals. It is the most widely distributed sulfide in the crust and formed under various geological conditions. Pyrite exists in various stable fields because of the electronic configuration of Fe2. It enters the octahedral field composed of sulfur ions and has a large crystal field stability energy. Therefore, pyrite can be formed and stabilized under various geological conditions.

                                  In addition to pyrite crystal structure, chemical composition, surface structure and other factors affecting its suspension, many studies have shown that pyrite deposit metallogenic conditions, ore formation characteristics, ore structure and other factors also have an impact. The s/fe ratio of each ore sample mostly changes in the range of 1.93~2.06. Generally speaking, the closer the s/fe ratio is to the theoretical value, the better the floatability of pyrite. There is a certain limit to judge its floatability only by pyrite ratio. The floatability of pyrite is related to the properties and chemical composition of semiconductors.

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