Iron sulfide

                                  The factors affecting the spontaneous combustion of iron sulfide under natural conditions are as follows:

                                  Oxidation and heat dissipation of iron sulfide in the air is the internal factor causing spontaneous combustion and ignition accidents. Continuous oxygen supply and easy accumulation of heat are the external factors of spontaneous combustion of iron sulfide. Experiments show that the compounds formed by vulcanization of iron sulfide have high activity and high natural oxidation activity. They react rapidly with oxygen in the air at room temperature and release a lot of heat at the same time.

                                  Taking iron sulfide sulfide as a typical sample, we studied the effects of ambient temperature, wind speed, vulcanization time, exposure area and iron sulfide quality on oxidation heating characteristics. The influence of ambient temperature on the heating rate is not clear, but the wind speed has the dual effect of promoting and inhibiting the spontaneous combustion process of iron sulfide. When the wind speed is 1.5m/s, the oxidation heat dissipation intensity is large, the vulcanization time is long, and the exposure area is large. Iron sulfide will accelerate the oxidation heating process, on the contrary, it will reduce the spontaneous combustion tendency of iron sulfide.

                                  The above is the introduction of the factors affecting the spontaneous combustion of iron sulfide under natural conditions. For more information, please click our official website. Thank you for reading.