Ferrophosphate is a symbiotic compound that can change the corrosion resistance and chip resistance of steel. Ferrophosphate is used as alloying agent in steel-making industry, which can produce phosphate. The basic characteristics and applications of composite iron phosphate powder are as follows:

                                  (1) It contains 17% ferrophosphate, the particle size of the powder is 18 microns, and the color is zinc gray; Non toxic, tasteless, odorless and lead-free; It has certain acid and alkali resistance and good conductivity at room temperature.

                                  (2) Corrosion protection. Composite iron phosphate powder has conductivity, its surface can not only produce cathode reaction, but also maintain the conductivity of the coating with zinc powder, so as to improve the utilization of zinc powder. Plating produces current, which can prevent steel corrosion. At the same time, composite ferrophosphate powder can improve the strength and hardness of the coating.

                                  Salt spray test was carried out on various primers added with 35% composite iron phosphate powder, and there was no blistering and corrosion after 600 hours. The hardness reaches 2h after curing for 2 hours and 3h after curing for 48 hours. With the increase of the content of composite iron phosphate powder, the hardness and wear resistance of the paint film gradually improved.

                                  The above is the basic characteristics and application of composite iron phosphate powder. Thank you for reading.