DATE: 11-03-2017 18:45 GMT-4

Hi all -

Achieving some goals

Hi- I am trying to revamp my security. I switched to Comodo Internet Pro 10. I am impressed. The tech people are really good. I read about their product in advance. It is really cool! It doesn't let me use roboform. I like that because it indicates to me that that their container and secure shopping is too secure for roboform. I use roboform for less secure passwords.

Tonight I worked on my mu/mu4e and emacs. I like this client better than any other email client I have ever used. I am going to try and get even better at it. I continue to use gmail and emacs with mu4e. It is a hoot.

I spent a little time working with VNC. I will revisit that next weekend on my 4 day weekend. I am going to tunnel with ssh and putty for VNC that weekend. I can connect from redhat cygwin to a virtualbox regular user account where I run the X11-VNC-Server. I know it isn't as fancy as what they use at work but I can remote with it.