DATE: 01-15-18 17:45 GMT-5

Hi all -

New projects

Cobol and C++ | firebird

latest news on 01-15

I had errands to run today. After I got back, I experimented with cobol. I had a cool session other than I forgot for an expletive moment that I can't paste between windows and cygwin very well. Well, I figured out how to get a ton of themes for my terminal I use and change the font color. Kind of neat. I needed that because otherwise the output would look hideous. In doing all that, it means I can use geany to compile and launch the output in a terminal. i am off and running with that on my adventure to use cobol. That is the plan. I want to get better this winter at cobol and practice with Tcl/Tk, C++, and soci with firebird. It is a very exciting time to have these projects lined up! One more cool thing. With soci I actually have some choice for other db(s) so I am not limited to just one. Pretty nifty! Have a cool - mlkj day. later

I just fired up firebird with Soci and Cobol yesterday!

I put the master branch of Soci (soon to be 4.0) on my PC and ran a query against it using firebird as the back end. I tried U++. I must be doing something wrong and Novo is very busy so I used Soci.

I updated cygwin install yesterday. with cobol 2.2. Can't use sql with cobol yet as havent fooled with windows on cobol. I did install recent version of berkley DB so I can experiment with a record lock if I like as long as I am using indexed files.

Now I can get a parking pass and drive down to SUNY Potsdam and work on some coding stuff!

I try to put work out of my mind long enough to work on these projects. If I can continue to break free from the gravity well at work I can fool with some of these cool coding frameworks.

Lastly, I will use the great editor U++ to code even if Soci and not firebird in the bazaar. Novo is very cool for putting that out there. I get worried I am saying something wrong because there is not much activity at U++. It is like an eerie quiet. Sorry, this time I couldn't get firebird in the bazaar working.

By hook or by crook - rdp with ssh!

I tinkered with ssh and rdp. I found a solution that worked with a bridged adapter from virtualbox to do rdp with ssh tunneling. Still can't use nat adapter or nat network adapter with port forwarding. Not willing to turn my firewall into swiss cheese to get that to work.

I had some funky messages with my antivirus. I will keep it a secret who I did not end up with but am very happy to announce that I now have new AV.

Yes, I did a few pins on a board on pinterest and am threatening to cook again soon. My sister is the pinterest guru.

I tossed out the idea of ever using VNC for my home. I like ssh with rdp. I think I could set it up faster next time as I am aware of some pitfalls. I can connect either on the command line or putty | remmina securely with rdp. I did it with cygwin ssh connecting to virtualbox RDP server and virtualbox guest ssh server.

I had a blast this Christmas holiday. I feel fortunate that I got to participate.

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