DATE: 12-11-17 late GMT-5

Hi all -

Walk-a-bout away from projects

I'm busy pursuing stuff besides writing code. No one writes code these days.

FULL REVERSE - RDP is much easier in Virtualbox than vnc.

I am starting to try to cook a few things besides using the microwave. I am trying out atkins type food to reduce bmi and keep HgbA1c in check.

I bought a book for leisure reading (filthy rich by James Patterson). I got a library card and held a book about alan greenspan.

I joined pinterest. I have lots to experiment there as I just started today.

I started out tonight trying to get VNC to work. Of course I couldn't find my notes and VNC was giving me fits. I found that RDP is really cool with VBox and I didn't have to do anything cryptic to get it to work. I want to practice some emacs too. I want to streamline my backup, organizing, and recovery for my systems. I need to get a new portable hard drive.I also looked at snapshots using virtualbox. Decided I'd rather clone without snapshots. I'd like to try out some boxes that are pre-built to check out different distros. I always thought mageia might be cool.

I hope you started your Christmas shopping. It is coming fast.

Latest... trip to the mountains