DATE: 10-17-2017 22:50 GMT-4

Hi all -

New news. I am working on a new trick!

The past 2 days I taught myself how to do VNC. I started with tigervnc. I connected with that but I wanted a different server. I switched to x11vnc for the server. I connected tonight with a vnc client and I could remote.

I will actually fool with the viewer tomorrow and see if there is anything that needs tweaking. I want to use remmina or another one that is for gnome. I prefer remmina I think. It is kind of cool. I run cygwin so I can use free tools in the X environment to connect to virtualbox. I had to do port forwarding because virtualbox is using NAT option. So now IT at work is not the only one using VNC!

I just watched cleveland and Boston. What a cool game. It is like post-season already the way they played. The next game on is really cool but I am really tired. No screenshot tonight for the same reason. I am going to take a pill and head to bed early. I hope you have a really cool rest of the week.

Other stuff going on...