DATE: 02-20-18 18:30 GMT-5

: Hi all -:

02/20 Hi all - I headed over to SUNY Potsdam this evening. So cool to get out from within my apartment. I fired up U++ and took a look at some stuff. I am creating dialogs and experimenting with library of functions that comes with this toolkit. I can't believe how easy it is to work with dates for instance. I am going to make more contributions to U++ kind of soon. I want to support them because it is such a cool framework! I spent yesterday kind of sick but today I seem to be doing better. My vacation has been really cool.

I went to Clarkson the other day. They were nice to let me visit the library. They have a lot of group seating versus individual desks. I think part of that is because of the remod they are doing in their library.

Well, it is time to head out of here. I only stay an hour or two usually unless I am coding. I am waiting to see what U++ is doing with firebird in the bazaar. I will wait a while very patiently. I am not sure if I can do schemas with it in the future.

I watched oklahoma play kansas a little yesterday. Kansas has some snipers on that team. Oklahoma is no push over. I read syracuse might be on the window of making bubble but they don't have a very good quadrant 1 record. The thing I thought was cool is they didn't have a lot of quadrant 4 games on their schedule. It used to be they were heavy on "cake" games at the start of the season. Not anymore. They have a tough schedule!

I did a couple of new functions and added to glib practice link today. I will keep adding a few here and there to get more samples for reference in the future. I am still using command line to compile samples.

I ran Brian Tiffin's cobol code to get JimTcl to work and then fired it up. I needed to add -fstatic-call or something like that in the terminal in addition to the other switches because the library is static. I found that solution on one of my old posts from before when I used to hang out at GnuCobol. Back then, I tried to start at the end and not the beginning. I wanted to extend everything. From memory, the whole command for JimTcl per Brian's faq is:
cobc -x -fstatic-call -o program1 tcl.cob -I/usr/local/include -L. -ljim

Tomorrow, I plan on doing more activities to extend COBOL. I am hoping my plans go smoothly. I don't want to bother them over at GnuCobol.

In my funk today, and after talking to Brian at cygwin, I found simpleclip on git to help with cutting and pasting into emacs. You probably say "cut and paste" why doesn't it work out of the box. In my infinite wisdom, I think I installed the non X window version of emacs. This does not make the clipboard happy between windows and cygwin. Simpleclip at least fixes the emacs app issue in cygwin.

For the other scenarios I have a secret weapon:
cat /dev/clipboard >> ~/gt1 .

I am using windows chrome browser instead of XWin midori. Because of this, I have XWin and windows clipboard issues. That command appends my copy command in my browser to the file gt1 located in my home directory in cygwin. I leave mousepad open and then hit reload. it gets appended to the end of the file. From there, I can copy it into my geany editor. It is an intermediary fix, but without it, I can't cut and paste all those cool commands from snippets etc.

I just fired up firebird with Soci and Cobol yesterday!

I put the master branch of Soci (soon to be 4.0) on my PC and ran a query against it using firebird as the back end. One thing I think I vaguely recall for SOCI is you may need to specify with export or other the LD_LIBRARY_PATH that gives the location of the SOCI library. I am not in linux right now, but I think that happened to me.

I tried U++ and it is working now. Novo got firebird in the bazaar working. I told him I couldn't get it to work and he fixed it fast. I plan on checking out firebird with C++ using that interface very soon. I tested it against a query to see if it works in the sample database, and it connected and returned the data with ease.

By hook or by crook - rdp with ssh!

I tinkered with ssh and rdp. I found a solution that worked with a bridged adapter from virtualbox to do rdp with ssh tunneling. Still can't use nat adapter or nat network adapter with port forwarding. Not willing to turn my firewall into swiss cheese to get that to work.

I tossed out the idea of ever using VNC for my home. I like ssh with rdp. I think I could set it up faster next time as I am aware of some pitfalls. I can connect either on the command line or putty | remmina securely with rdp. I did it with cygwin ssh connecting to virtualbox RDP server and virtualbox guest ssh server.

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